Here I am after 10 years of being a photographer, with my own website, it took me a bit of time, but it also took me some years to leave the stock scene and to dedicate myself completely to sell photographic prints and begin new projects, I am quite grateful with the stock photography industry but I decided to think beyond and take a leap.


I almost couldn’t decide to create the website, why we human beings are so afraid of fucking everything? Then it took me like 4 months of investigations, getting to know web designers, website styles, website prices, platforms, all the infinite stuff that a page has. Then I stopped again, discouraged by all the quantity of information, I even tried to make the design in shopify myself with obviously no results. Then I realized that I had to take a decision, no matter which one, but I had to do it quickly.

I worked with Heather from Viva la Violet, she is such an amazing web designer, patient and dedicated, she is like an angel. I had to be very patient during the web design process because for the first time I wasn’t in control of the most important things in my job, and that was a great experience; indeed these last months I have worked with other people for the very first time and it is awesome! You feel relived, you feel that you don’t have to do everything and you feel that you are collaborating with other people who knows how to do their thing, and you have to let it go and trust.


I have worked with my husband for five years in the photography business until 2017, and they have been amazing work partner years, but, due to me having this freaking controlling personality in my job I couldn’t do it anymore, among other things. I just can say that not working with Sebastian at the beginning was so difficult and sad, but my relationship with my husbund never felt so free and balanced!

The hardest part of this website was the selection, preparation and uploading of 700 listings, and at the same time it was fantastic, I went across all my work as a photographer from my beginnings, that was a very nostalgic task, full of sights, remembering all the places I have visited, all the creativity boosts that I have had, all the genius ideas that I have had, all the ups and downs, all the creative process during years, and you see how attached you are to those pictures, I even thought about all the persons that directly or indirectly infuenced or helped me, thanks to them.


At the end of the day, creating an e-commerce is an endless thing, you are never ready to launch the website, you are never ready to anything in your life, there is always something missing so you have to be patient and embrace imperfection (and don't micromanage), and you shouldn't push it, something that I have learned the last years is that you shouldn’t push your work, if you do that you don’t enjoy it, the joy is the way in which everything flows.

I am really happy with this new possibility to edit your website design almost as you want, maybe I will learn some code because I like this stuff. I think my favourite sections in the website are the CURATED “Bokeh” and “Textured”, then in NURSERY  “Balloons” and then in PARIS “Paris Flowers”, and in BEACH “Water”. The curated sections feel so deep for me, like something unique and more artistic; then the balloons section feels so tender to me, I really love those balloons they are so me, they have an irreplaceable place in my heart; with the travel section I realized I have to edit much more! All those files in the hard disk are asking to be known.


I know this is just the beginning, I know all the traffic that I have to bring to Caroline Mint, I know that I have to make this store profitable and I know it is new exciting hard work, or maybe not that hard if I continue working with new people! :)

Thanks for reading, and for all your support and to all my clients, without you this wouldn't be possible.


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