I remember the moment in my life when I started reading this book clearly. We were coming back from our last trip to Paris in September 2017, a year ago, and in the infinite hours of the airplane travel I was thinking what was I going to do with my financial life, my business, my life. As soon as I entered home I understood I had to change all my perspective about money, I mean my beliefs, my philosophy about money, my language, the way I saw finances, the way I manage my finances, it was an epiphany.


I was so bad with money, I was worried all the time that the money wasn’t enough for all the things I wanted and I needed, I had such a negative language about my earnings and  my finances. Until one day I saw a video from this lovely coach Erin May Henry, where she recommended this book, I was intrigued by the title and the shameless, sassy way it seemed like it was written, and of course I was intrigued about the theme: money. So I went to a coffee shop to read it, a thing that never happens in my “work hours”, and I was relived I was reading this in a kindle because I was so ashamed of reading this book, who would think I would make a blog post later.

I think this book changed my life, not just my financial life, my life. It was difficult to read it because it had so much new and different information for my brain, it was blowing my mind, and I was believing everything that this woman was telling me, why? I don’t know, intuition, necessity, casualty, universe? I had to read a chapter per week because the information was challenging to digest, not because it was complicated, it was just too much new information that I wanted to process internally, I wanted to think and act that way every day of my life. 


So I made all the exercises in the book, to the point I bought the self-coaching program of Jen, and everything became a spinning thing of achievements. I bought my Canon 5D Mark IV, I went to Los Angeles, I created and launched my Website, I decided to finally have the pet of my dreams, I put myself in the most uncomfortable social situations ever, I took a flight in a helicopter, I replaced the earnings of the most stressful part of my business that was depleting me, I started this blog, I delegated in my job.

Of course it was not just reading a book and making a self coach program, It was (it is) a constant struggle with your mind, your beliefs, your emotions, your perspectives of everything, your words, your language, your habits, your rituals, your self care, etc. Until many things became a constant, a habit, an usual way of thinking and speaking and feeling and acting. You have to create new habits, rituals, re-think all your negative thoughts, write your new positive thoughts, repeat them every single day, put yourself in discomfort, take risks, and take risks, and again take risks, and be in contact every single day with people who is in the same path you are, read blogs, watch videos, follow coaches, etc. 


If you are in the sales field, of course you have to make marketing, pay marketing, work hard, create, contact people, search for customers. But at the end you can do a lot of hard work and if your energy levels are low you will not sell the same, because money is currency and currency is energy and you are energy, that’s not easy to understand, I am still understanding it, the thing is you can’t control everything, a big part in sales field is on the universe, energy, luck, call it as you believe.

I was reading the last chapter today and the book doesn’t feel like it used to, maybe because I am in that path now, because I have learnt a lot, and all the enthusiasm and strong feeling of the book seems more normal to me. I can’t say I am a millionaire now, but I am happy with my money, with my earnings, I am deeply grateful of every single penny I receive, for my customers, all the marketplaces where I sell and the stock agencies, my talent and my photography, I approach my earnings with less anxiety and fear, I approach money with love and gratitude and self confidence.



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