Newport Beach, in the Orange County in California, was a super nice surprise; we made a trip to the Balboa Peninsula and it was so pleasant. I don’t know why we ended up there… oh, yes, I remember, because I wanted to take photos of the Balboa Fun Zone Ferris Wheel, which is more than 80 years old, I make nursery art prints with my photography and the ferris wheels are so colorful and perfect pastel for my art; but I was skeptical about the beauty of the wheel and the beach because the photos that I found made no justice!

SHOP THIS PRINT Vintage VW Van, at the end of the street is the beach!

So, on the moment we entered the Balboa Peninsula we were speechless, the skies were quite blue and in the main street you find these cute small toy-like summer houses, perfectly made and maintained, with their decks and luxury chairs and tables. As soon as you get out of the car you smell this subtle summer sea atmosphere and when you begin to walk to see those houses you can access the beach and sea almost from any beautiful street, you felt relaxed instantly.

SHOP THIS PRINTS Gallery Wall set of the serene and soothing Newport Beach

We ended in a pizzeria for lunch and I ordered chicken tenders and fries remembering this amazing comedian Ali Wong, who says that her ideal is to eat chicken tenders every single day! I understand her, as the ideal place for many is Newport Beach.

SHOP THIS PRINT Summer Flowers Everywhere!

The Fun zone was just perfect, perfect, the ferris wheel is one of the most beautiful ferris I have ever seen, each basket with different colors contrasting with the sky and the yatch port. So we took a lot of pictures for my nursery prints, that I hope to edit any time soon (?).

SHOP THIS PRINT The Vintage Pastel Ferris Wheel

The beaches are beautiful and the sand is a little rough for me, I have visited very soft sand beaches, but the sea is amazing, clear blue and yes, great for surfing, if I lived near to a sea like this I definitely would surf, I LOVE the ocean, and the waves, and the water and all the strength and practice that you need to surf, and that balance that you need between respecting the ocean and defying it.

SHOP THIS PRINT The Ocean and the Waves




Newport Beach is a very high end city, the OC show is not a lie, the many houses in front of the beach are so perfect that you cannot almost believe that place is real, even the palm trees are from another world, all in a row of perfection. Lately I think a lot about wealth and what kind of wealth I would like, and that wealthy lifestyle of this place surprised me a lot.


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