Paris is full of adorable little and big shops of every kind that you can’t imagine, it is so magical, you just need to go slow through the Parisian streets looking and taking the time to enter the shops and appreciate the decorations, the products and the service. One of the things why I love Paris so much is because Parisians care so much about the details and you can see it everywhere: in the restaurants, in the patisseries, in the food, in the stores, in their creations, in the decors, in the architecture, in the doors, everywhere! If you are a visual person and if you look for the details, Paris is for you. 

Of course there are so much more lovely and unique stores in Paris than the ones I am going to tell you, I went to three of them, and just for the pleasure of looking, entertaining your eyes and senses you should go.

Merci at le Marais

Merci: this is now a very famous concept store, you can find all kind of things from clothes, home decor things, personal accessories, to stationary. It is huge, for me it is like a contemporary Parisian store, the style is modern, kind of preppy and alternative. When we went there, Sebastian bought the coolest glasses. But… you can’t miss their cafe-library, yes it is a coffee shop in a library or a library in a coffee shop, it is the perfect combination, stands of books from the floor to the ceiling while you drink a coffee or a chocolat chaud, an intellectual dream, I recommend you to go in a cold day, it is so cozy with its lights and wood furniture and thousands of books around, and be prepared for the line, everyone wants to be there. 

Cafe at Merci

Dyptique: I don’t know where and when I read an article that said that if you want to be like a Parisian you need to spend the 15% of your income in candles, haha. Well if you really, deeply love candles, you need to go to Dyptique, as a good Arian I have loved candles all my life, not just for decorative proposes, they relax me or heighten my vibes. Dyptique is the brand that invented the scented candles, but they are most known by their perfumes. I had always been unimpressed by these candles because their design is so simple and they are all white, but well, I was so intrigued about this famous brand, so I went to the Dyptique of St. Germainm des Pres and it was an incredible experience. The place is so fancy and I was lucky to be attended by the most charming, kind, elegant and sophisticated Parisian lady, she showed me all the scents that I wanted (there were a lot) with patience, she spoke to me about the scents, their components, origin, so interesting. If you like rare, unique scents and very fine quality products, you must to go. At the end I spent my 15% of monthly income.

St. Germain des Pres

Sézane: well, Sézane, everyone know Sézane, am I wrong? I don’t know. If you want the most Parisan clothes, shoes and bags please go to Sezane, they are the quintessential of the Parisian woman style, everything you see looks so.very.french: jumpers, skirts, boots, bags, it is in the colors, the details, the intellectual air, the subtle sensuality, the french femininity, that space in between being dressed up and scruffy. I have never been there, but maybe itwill be the first place I will go the next time or maybe I can give myself a gift to me for my next birthday from Sezane.

Astier de Villate

Astier de Villate, I have this dream to have a white ceramics collection in a stand against a rustic wood wall, these dreams of mine… this is a lovely shop, its owners are two artists, they sell unique fine ceramics (cups, plates, bowls, bases), each one is different from the other one even if they are similar, they are made by hand and their finishes are imperfect, that’s one the charms of these ceramics. You can also find unique Parisian souvenirs, stationary, soaps, incense, candles, I went to the St. Germain store, and I found it by chance, but there is another one in the Rue St. Honore.

St Germain des Pres
So that is, I hope you have enjoyed this post.

All pictures by Caroline Mint


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