Why you need to take a boat ride in the Seine

Hello, hello, are you still here, there is anyone here? Oh my God, I totally don’t understand why is it so difficult for me to maintain a constant blog, can I try, no, can I do it again? Two posts per month, that’s all, about traveling and Paris mainly. 

This is just a short post on why you should take a boat on the Seine when you are going to Paris. I went to the Bateaux Mouches in my solo trip to Paris on the last day of my trip, honestly, I didn’t want to, but I clearly remember that one of the recommendations of my Paris apartment host was to take a ride on a boat on the Seine, it seemed curious to me as I thought this was a very cliched touristic activity, but it was Thursday and the Pompidou was closed and I trusted my hosts because they are a very Parisian couple and they are artists! So… On the other hand the day was sunny and the skies were blue, yes, I know, I was very lucky on that trip with the weather in Paris.

Pont Neuf 
Pont Neuf

Some tips that I can give you are: take wine with you! Yes, it is not going to spill, the boat moves softly and slowly, I say take wine and a glass with you because you will want to cheer and celebrate this marvelous experience, and I saw some people doing that, the views are quite incredible, it is a very enjoyable ride. Another recommendation is going very early in the morning or in the evening, the light is better, but take a jacket, it could be freezing even in a sunny day. And stay up, the ride is just 30 minutes and there is not going to be anyone obstructing your view, and beware of those Chinese tourists, they are mad. 

Pont des Arts 

Why is this experience so amazing? Oh well the views are splendid, the perspectives are unique, you pass under 10 or 12 bridges, you can compare the right and the left banks at once in different parts of the city, the Eiffel Tower looks gigantic, it is so wonderful I wish it was longer, and I will go back to take another one at the blue hour or at night, it should be another experience; it is one of those experiences you just can’t explain enough with words, even with images.

I remember calling my husband in tears and emotion after the ride was finished, telling him the next time he comes to Paris he must take this ride


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